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American Reunion Movie

Published April 29, 2012 by cookinggamer

Today was Sunday and usually it’s our quiet day. We don’t usually plan a lot today so we kind of get to do whatever we feel like. Today I really wanted to see a movie, so after trying to convince the bf to go see the girlie Mirror Mirror then finding out it’s not playing anymore, we decided to see American Reunion.

Some things REALLY never change when it comes things. American Reunion is as cheesy and campy as the original. After the spin off American Pie movies, this was a refreshing change because it followed the original story line of Jim and the gang.

I love the storyline for Jim and Michelle. Despite the years that have passed, they are still together and still supportive of each other. Though, they are older, have a little boy and a brand new set of problems that comes with being married, in the end, they just love each other and that’s what I like about it. They fight, they bicker but they are also mature enough to realize the problems and attempt to fix them instead of giving up on them. Bravo! 😀

Oz is still just as campy and romantic as the original guy. I remember having the hugest crush on Chris Kline when it first came out. After watch this, I remembered why. He’s still so sweet and clueless as he was in the first movie.

Stifler just never changes. Poor guy is the guy slated to never grow up. Guess what folks? He doesn’t and that’s what keeps me laughing. He still manages to get the gang in trouble and put his foot in his mouth. But then again hi, it’s Seann William Scott folks. I don’t think I have ever see a movie he’s in where he’s not in Stifler mode.

Finch still annoys the crap out of me. He’s still a pretentious prick that just doesn’t know the high horse he’s sitting on is really just a pony. Still feel no love for him.

What the hell happened to Kevin? I loved him in the original movie. Now he’s just kind of a lil girl about things. I get that he will never get over Vickie. We get it! Quit dwelling on it!

I mean all in all, it was what we expected when we walked into the theater. I give it a 3.5 stars out of 5. It didn’t blow my mind away but it didn’t put me to sleep either. It just kind of makes me wonder what would happen if I had to go to a high school reunion.

On a high note, I got one of those big collectable soda cups when I went and it was Avengers. They also had my favourite avenger in stock for my lid topper. Bonus 😀 *sips on Captain America lidded cup* Cannot wait till I get to see THAT movie!


A List of Grocery Must Haves for Gamers

Published April 28, 2012 by cookinggamer

Though this is titled for gamers, I find this list a great idea for anybody that is a little tight on budget and time but still wants to eat well. These are my go to staples in my kitchen. These ingredients are pretty inexpensive but are awesome to have on hand to make quick easy dinners or snacks.

Let’s start with the cupboard beside my stove 😀 – This is where I store all my spices and baking goods. It makes it a lot easier for me to reach cause let’s face it, if you are anything like me, these are the items that inspire you to try something different 😀

1. salt and pepper and sugar- pretty straight forward. But you would not believe how many times I go visit my fellow gamers and it’s no where to be found O.O

2. Garlic Powder – I love this stuff. It’s for when I really dun feel like chopping up garlic. Note I said garlic POWDER! Garlic salt tends to have too much salt in it and makes it hard to control your level of garlickiness.

3. Onion Soup Powder – sounds weird but I use it to season anything from veggies to potatoes to pastas. Sounds weird but works like a charm!

4. Montreal Steak Spice – love this combo for spices. I douse it on my steaks and sometimes on veggies. Much like the onion soup powder it’s more versatile than you think!

5. Flour – also another straight forward one if you were a baker, but I use it in my cooking too. Thickens up sauces from simple broths, great for breading, and a bunch of other things!

6. A good quality oil – now everyone keeps saying oooo olive oil. I love a good olive oil for dressings or dipping nummy italian bread in but for cooking I opt for grapeseed oil. This little oil not only costs less than a good quality olive oil, it’s also go a much lower smoking point. It also has no distinct flavour to it so your ingredients have a chance to shine!

7. Chocolate Chips- *sigh* does this need an explaination? But I do toss it in cookies and banana breads as well as other baked goods. I also like mixing it with nuts for a trail mixy feel.

The Pantry – Ahh where we keep anything non perishable like chef boyardee!

1. Chicken stock cans – Don’t bother buying the tetra pack stuff unless you plan on using a lot of it because it goes bad fast!

2. Cream of whatever you like soup- These soups often make a great sauce for dinners.

3. BBQ Sauce – I use it in a lot of dishes, not just on steaks.

4. Pasta Sauce – Because quite frankly pasta is one of the easiest things to cook.

5. Dried pasta – It’s cheap and easy to make.

6. Kidney Beans – Chili is a go to meal for us and it’s super cheap.

7. Canned Tomatoes – We aren’t big fans of the fresh stuff plus the canned version has more antioxidants in it.

8. Salsa – because it sure beats out most other dips out there for chips and works great in some of my favourite dishes.

Must Haves in my Fridge – Ah, the place everyone stick their heads into when they are hungry!

1. Cheese – Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the whole dammit there’s no cheese in the house!

2. Milk – I find I do use this quite a bit in my cooking and baking. But it also means if it’s in the fridge, the family will drink it!

3. Eggs – I love sunday breakfasts but I have been known to make them for supper too because it’s a great cheap protein.

4. Chicken – Now I am partial to chicken thighs but all my recipes are either or when it comes to dark or white meat. I always have some on hand because it’s just damn tasty and so versatile.

5. Ground Beef – Because it’s quick and easy and cheap to work with for most dinner ideas.

6. Veggie sticks – I usually process my veggies that it can be a go to snack so I will reach for that instead of chips.

7. Bananas – We eat tons of them in the house. When it starts going darker I put them in the fridge because it’s great in banana bread!

8. Fruit Cocktail – Sometimes melons and berries are just not in season so this gives us a bit of easy to grab and go fruit to eat.

9. Butter – yes everyone says go margarine but I am a butter girl through and through. Can’t duplicate the flavour it gives off. I say be smart about it and it’s not unhealthy like everyone else says it is.

That’s pretty much my typical stock up! I of course have more stuff than that, but these are my staples in my kitchen.

Gaming Grocery Shopping Tips

Published April 27, 2012 by cookinggamer

While I would love to tell you I eat healthy all the time and I go to the market each day to buy everything fresh, reality is I just don’t have the time to do it! If you are anything like me, you are living on a budget, you don’t always have time to prep for fancy smancy dinners, and you are just damn too pressed for time and energy! But just because we have all these restrictions doesn’t mean we can’t eat well. Here are some helpful tips that I use to keep my family eating well while keeping my sanity!

1. Pick one day out of the week to shop – My boyfriend HATES driving me everyday to get something new. And he is completely right! With gas prices so high, we all have to watch how much we drive. Not to mention all the pollution we cause when we drive. And yes, I am even looking at you people who drive priuses or whatever eco friendly car you have. Still gives off a little bit of pollution whether we like to admit it or not. Plus, think of all the leveling/gearing/farming/shooting time you would have if you only had to go once instead of 3 or 4 time a week! My rule of thumb for my day to shop, has to be on my day off. This gives me a chance to process all the food that I just bought. I will get into that later on.

3. Plan your meals ahead – I know especially for dudes this is just a REALLY boring job. But, trust me, saves you a ton of money and travel time in the long run. Make yourself a quick meal plan the night before you go. Takes you maybe 15 minutes tops because you are the one that ultimately knows what you want to eat. Always account for your raid/ops days, any days you have planned pvp, guild/game/team events through out the week. Most guilds or teams will have a set schedule or be able to provide you with what you are requested to do throughout the week a week ahead. On those days, make your meals simpler. I always go with a 5 day meal plan. That way I can still order my yummy in my tummy pizza or chinese food on friday nights 😀

4. Make a list – I ALWAYS forget things when I go to the grocery store. I see rows and rows of nummies and I forget my main purpose for being there! :S So, I make a list. I will admit I deviate from list when I’m there, especially if the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the bakery area is on sale. That’s ok! Just remember to buy everything on your list first! I also tend to put little extras on my list like chips and pop so I know it’s all accounted for!

5. Make a budget- And this is why I’m saying buy what is on your list first! I always make sure I have a little extra budgeted for my extra num nums but first thing is always first which means what I need to cook my meals. Try not to overspend. I know it’s hard, but you will find by cooking your own meals, it will be cheaper than all the processed stuff. Trust me, I save about $20 – $30 a week cause I do my own cooking. Not to mention the money you save from NOT ordering in 😀

6. Process your groceries as soon as you get home – I usually buy meats in bulk and veggies unprocessed. This saves me a huge hunk of money that I can spend on some new tech toy later 😀 I buy things like chicken breasts or roasts in club/family size and then when I get home I divy it up for my meals. If the recipe that week calls for a marinade, throw the meat in the marinade and then into the fridge or freezer. Saves you time later and it has more time to soak in all the delicious flavour. Freezer bags are a great invention! I put what I need per meal in them, toss in the marinade and then when it comes time, I just dump the whole thing in the pan. Same thing with veggies. If the meat is to be cooked with the veggies, toss the veggies in with the meat. Let that soak everything up too. Cut, peel, chop whatever veggies you have that won’t go brown on you and divy it up like the meats. Cuts 15-20 minutes off your prep time because then it becomes a toss and go. Takes an hour off your day but really helps you out throughtout the week when you are strapped for time!

7. Pick Healthy Snacks – I know I am so guilty for this! I love munching on a bag of chips or cookies. But if I eat too much of it… yea… not good for me. My house always has some grabbable fruits and veggies. Baby carrot sticks and celery sticks (from above) lasts for about a week in the fridge. I love making my own dipping dressings. It’s super easy and usually a lot healthier than the bottled stuff. Bananas are Godsent in my house. Everyone loves them and it requires NO prep. Apples and pears are also really good go to fruits as well. If you are a go getter like me, roast some veggies. I take broccoli and zucchini and roast them up with olive oil and seasonings. Then I divy them up in microwavable containers. When I feel like chips, I’ll pop one in the microwave and I have a snack that’s much healthier for me. Those little fruit cocktail cups, awesome. Throw them in the fridge and they are so refreshing and disposible afterwards. I make my own chex and trail mixes. Takes no time to make and contains so much goodies in them. If you are REALLY feeling lazy, granola bars work in a pinch 😀

Hope these tips help! If I think of anything more I’ll be sure to add it 😀

What Every Gaming Kitchen Should Have

Published April 27, 2012 by cookinggamer

So, as a gamer, I find myself constantly trying to figure out how to cook things at home with the least amount of prep work and be able to finish a boss fight before I have to grab it out of wherever the food is being cooked from without it burning. I want to be able to raid and have a good hearty meal at the same time! Greedy I know. But hey, sometimes ordering pizza and take out all the time to make it to raids just don’t cut it for me. It makes my waistline expand and my wallet shrink in no time flat! So what should a girl do? Well, I have since developed some awesome as I call my “gaming recipes” so that I know me and mine will always be well fed and well geared 😀 But to start it all off I have a list of gadgets and appliances that would REALLY help you out!

1. Oven or Toaster Oven – Oh those things are lifesavers let me tell you! I  love crispy crunchy things. I love melted cheesy things. I ultimately love baked goods period. I love my toaster oven because it’s just big enough for two or three people. It’s also a convection oven so it bakes really evenly. If you can find one of those great. If not your regular oven works fine too 😀

2. Crockpot – I know, most people think crock pots are what their moms and grandmas use because it’s so old news. But my crock pot is one of my best friends in the kitchen. Not only does it allow for a slow cooking process, which means I can have dinner ready as soon as I walk through the door from work so I can eat and game, it also means lower heat. Lower heat = less chance of it burning. It also keeps my food nice and hot for a lot longer period of time, so when everyone else is AFK for washroom breaks or smoke breaks, I can go grab another plate of whatever I made for supper!

3. Electric Kettle – Because I love my teas and also because I don’t have to worry about the water boiling dry while I do massive damage on some poor alliance sucker that just happen to get in my way!

4. Electric Hand Held Mixer – This thing is truely genius. It’s not just cause I love to bake but I use it to make a variety of other things for supper. My mashed potatoes are amazing because of this little apparatus!

5. Microwave – i think this was a given. I use it for more than just reheating leftovers too. Sometimes it helps me melt or cook things in a pinch. You will see! 😀

Well this is my list so far! I will add to it as I remember them!

Introducting Me :D

Published April 26, 2012 by cookinggamer

So I needed a place to write down what I thought, kind of a way for me to get my feelings out much like I used to when I was a kid.

I warn my readers now, my posts won’t be anything eloquent or life changing as many of the ones out there are like but they do come straight from my heart and what I really think. No strings attached.

Please understand before you continue reading that this is my opinion and nothing more. These are things that I see or that I feel is right for me. My opinion may not be of yours and I respect that so please respect me in the same fashion.

Hope you enjoy reading this if anyone out there is! 😀