What Every Gaming Kitchen Should Have

Published April 27, 2012 by cookinggamer

So, as a gamer, I find myself constantly trying to figure out how to cook things at home with the least amount of prep work and be able to finish a boss fight before I have to grab it out of wherever the food is being cooked from without it burning. I want to be able to raid and have a good hearty meal at the same time! Greedy I know. But hey, sometimes ordering pizza and take out all the time to make it to raids just don’t cut it for me. It makes my waistline expand and my wallet shrink in no time flat! So what should a girl do? Well, I have since developed some awesome as I call my “gaming recipes” so that I know me and mine will always be well fed and well geared 😀 But to start it all off I have a list of gadgets and appliances that would REALLY help you out!

1. Oven or Toaster Oven – Oh those things are lifesavers let me tell you! I  love crispy crunchy things. I love melted cheesy things. I ultimately love baked goods period. I love my toaster oven because it’s just big enough for two or three people. It’s also a convection oven so it bakes really evenly. If you can find one of those great. If not your regular oven works fine too 😀

2. Crockpot – I know, most people think crock pots are what their moms and grandmas use because it’s so old news. But my crock pot is one of my best friends in the kitchen. Not only does it allow for a slow cooking process, which means I can have dinner ready as soon as I walk through the door from work so I can eat and game, it also means lower heat. Lower heat = less chance of it burning. It also keeps my food nice and hot for a lot longer period of time, so when everyone else is AFK for washroom breaks or smoke breaks, I can go grab another plate of whatever I made for supper!

3. Electric Kettle – Because I love my teas and also because I don’t have to worry about the water boiling dry while I do massive damage on some poor alliance sucker that just happen to get in my way!

4. Electric Hand Held Mixer – This thing is truely genius. It’s not just cause I love to bake but I use it to make a variety of other things for supper. My mashed potatoes are amazing because of this little apparatus!

5. Microwave – i think this was a given. I use it for more than just reheating leftovers too. Sometimes it helps me melt or cook things in a pinch. You will see! 😀

Well this is my list so far! I will add to it as I remember them!


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