A List of Grocery Must Haves for Gamers

Published April 28, 2012 by cookinggamer

Though this is titled for gamers, I find this list a great idea for anybody that is a little tight on budget and time but still wants to eat well. These are my go to staples in my kitchen. These ingredients are pretty inexpensive but are awesome to have on hand to make quick easy dinners or snacks.

Let’s start with the cupboard beside my stove πŸ˜€ – This is where I store all my spices and baking goods. It makes it a lot easier for me to reach cause let’s face it, if you are anything like me, these are the items that inspire you to try something different πŸ˜€

1. salt and pepper and sugar- pretty straight forward. But you would not believe how many times I go visit my fellow gamers and it’s no where to be found O.O

2. Garlic Powder – I love this stuff. It’s for when I really dun feel like chopping up garlic. Note I said garlic POWDER! Garlic salt tends to have too much salt in it and makes it hard to control your level of garlickiness.

3. Onion Soup Powder – sounds weird but I use it to season anything from veggies to potatoes to pastas. Sounds weird but works like a charm!

4. Montreal Steak Spice – love this combo for spices. I douse it on my steaks and sometimes on veggies. Much like the onion soup powder it’s more versatile than you think!

5. Flour – also another straight forward one if you were a baker, but I use it in my cooking too. Thickens up sauces from simple broths, great for breading, and a bunch of other things!

6. A good quality oil – now everyone keeps saying oooo olive oil. I love a good olive oil for dressings or dipping nummy italian bread in but for cooking I opt for grapeseed oil. This little oil not only costs less than a good quality olive oil, it’s also go a much lower smoking point. It also has no distinct flavour to it so your ingredients have a chance to shine!

7. Chocolate Chips- *sigh* does this need an explaination? But I do toss it in cookies and banana breads as well as other baked goods. I also like mixing it with nuts for a trail mixy feel.

The Pantry – Ahh where we keep anything non perishable like chef boyardee!

1. Chicken stock cans – Don’t bother buying the tetra pack stuff unless you plan on using a lot of it because it goes bad fast!

2. Cream of whatever you like soup- These soups often make a great sauce for dinners.

3. BBQ Sauce – I use it in a lot of dishes, not just on steaks.

4. Pasta Sauce – Because quite frankly pasta is one of the easiest things to cook.

5. Dried pasta – It’s cheap and easy to make.

6. Kidney Beans – Chili is a go to meal for us and it’s super cheap.

7. Canned Tomatoes – We aren’t big fans of the fresh stuff plus the canned version has more antioxidants in it.

8. Salsa – because it sure beats out most other dips out there for chips and works great in some of my favourite dishes.

Must Haves in my Fridge – Ah, the place everyone stick their heads into when they are hungry!

1. Cheese – Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the whole dammit there’s no cheese in the house!

2. Milk – I find I do use this quite a bit in my cooking and baking. But it also means if it’s in the fridge, the family will drink it!

3. Eggs – I love sunday breakfasts but I have been known to make them for supper too because it’s a great cheap protein.

4. Chicken – Now I am partial to chicken thighs but all my recipes are either or when it comes to dark or white meat. I always have some on hand because it’s just damn tasty and so versatile.

5. Ground Beef – Because it’s quick and easy and cheap to work with for most dinner ideas.

6. Veggie sticks – I usually process my veggies that it can be a go to snack so I will reach for that instead of chips.

7. Bananas – We eat tons of them in the house. When it starts going darker I put them in the fridge because it’s great in banana bread!

8. Fruit Cocktail – Sometimes melons and berries are just not in season so this gives us a bit of easy to grab and go fruit to eat.

9. Butter – yes everyone says go margarine but I am a butter girl through and through. Can’t duplicate the flavour it gives off. I say be smart about it and it’s not unhealthy like everyone else says it is.

That’s pretty much my typical stock up! I of course have more stuff than that, but these are my staples in my kitchen.


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