American Reunion Movie

Published April 29, 2012 by cookinggamer

Today was Sunday and usually it’s our quiet day. We don’t usually plan a lot today so we kind of get to do whatever we feel like. Today I really wanted to see a movie, so after trying to convince the bf to go see the girlie Mirror Mirror then finding out it’s not playing anymore, we decided to see American Reunion.

Some things REALLY never change when it comes things. American Reunion is as cheesy and campy as the original. After the spin off American Pie movies, this was a refreshing change because it followed the original story line of Jim and the gang.

I love the storyline for Jim and Michelle. Despite the years that have passed, they are still together and still supportive of each other. Though, they are older, have a little boy and a brand new set of problems that comes with being married, in the end, they just love each other and that’s what I like about it. They fight, they bicker but they are also mature enough to realize the problems and attempt to fix them instead of giving up on them. Bravo! 😀

Oz is still just as campy and romantic as the original guy. I remember having the hugest crush on Chris Kline when it first came out. After watch this, I remembered why. He’s still so sweet and clueless as he was in the first movie.

Stifler just never changes. Poor guy is the guy slated to never grow up. Guess what folks? He doesn’t and that’s what keeps me laughing. He still manages to get the gang in trouble and put his foot in his mouth. But then again hi, it’s Seann William Scott folks. I don’t think I have ever see a movie he’s in where he’s not in Stifler mode.

Finch still annoys the crap out of me. He’s still a pretentious prick that just doesn’t know the high horse he’s sitting on is really just a pony. Still feel no love for him.

What the hell happened to Kevin? I loved him in the original movie. Now he’s just kind of a lil girl about things. I get that he will never get over Vickie. We get it! Quit dwelling on it!

I mean all in all, it was what we expected when we walked into the theater. I give it a 3.5 stars out of 5. It didn’t blow my mind away but it didn’t put me to sleep either. It just kind of makes me wonder what would happen if I had to go to a high school reunion.

On a high note, I got one of those big collectable soda cups when I went and it was Avengers. They also had my favourite avenger in stock for my lid topper. Bonus 😀 *sips on Captain America lidded cup* Cannot wait till I get to see THAT movie!


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