Stop Giving Us Geek Girls a Bad Name!

Published May 2, 2012 by cookinggamer

This is driving me nuts so I’m gonna rant today. What gives ladies?!?! Why must you sully that of which we have held dear for so long? Who am I talking to? The wannabes that’s who!

I am so sick of see the girls who prance Orgammar asking for handouts in game because they are too stupid to earn their own gold. The ones that can’t even find their damn fireball spells on their cast bars but steals all my hard earn loot because their toon /flirt with the raid leaders. The ones that run around having everyone else do everything for them cause they’re too goddamn lazy to go farm their own stuff. You know what they call girls like that in RL? GOLD DIGGERS! Are you so useless and clueless that you can’t do your own damn clicking? Are you that lazy that you can’t go and learn the game like the rest of us? Really, what pleasure are you deriving from the game except that you are hiding behind a computer screen so you can get attention from men? I personally don’t get it. If you are going to play a mmo, goddammit play the mmo not panhandle in it! Hell, if you are too dumb to stand out of glowing stuff on the ground, get out of my raid! Same applies for SWTOR. Get out of my ops! Thank you

Another group of girls I can’t stand to save my life are the so called “hardcore geek girls”. You know the type I’m talking about! The ones that can’t name you all the Avengers but prances around in a slutted up version of Iron Man at the latest con. Goddammit, don’t dress up or represent something that you have absolute NO idea about. It makes you look stupid and classless. Just because you wear cosplay does NOT make you a geek.

Geekery seems to be the latest trend. Guys are starting to confess more and more to their geek side and I for one rejoice because I have been one all my life and I love that it is being celebrated. Hell if I was born 10 years later than I was, I would be the cool kid in school right now. But just like I was true to my inner geek when I was younger and it wasn’t cool, ladies please be true to whoever your inner you is instead of trying to ride on the geek train. It’s a lifestyle not a fashion statement or a sex symbol. Don’t pretend to be interested in it all to impress dudes or chicks out there. You are who you are, embrace it and move on!




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