Brand New Cooking Project! :D

Published June 3, 2012 by cookinggamer

So, this summer I am going to be working up at a summer camp for kids as a camp sous chef. EXCITING 😀 I love being outdoors, I love kids and most of all I love cooking. This will definitely be a summer I won’t soon forget I am sure!

But with that being said, that also means that this summer I will not be home to cook dinners/lunches for my bf. He is most capable of cooking on the bbq or ordering out but just because I am concerned with how much junk he may consume, I have decided to freeze a whole bunch of meals for him so he can just reheat and eat! Hence my new cooking project.

I leave in a week, so within this week I plan on making a few freezer cook ahead meals for him to reheat and enjoy while I am gone. With that being said, I will be posting all the recipes I make before I go. Hopefully this project goes smoothly! If you have any ideas for me please feel free to leave them for me! It would help out a lot! 😀


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