Back From Camp! Finally Time To Post!

Published June 26, 2012 by cookinggamer

2 weeks ago I left to work for a catering company that specifically catered to children’s camps. Though the experience was something unusual, I had to cut it short due to personal reasons. Before I had left, I had gone on a huge cooking spree to try and fill my freezer with reheatable friendly meals. I was so busy doing that I didn’t have a chance to actually post the recipes or pictures online for it. Hopefully as I try to get some catering business drummed up on the side for the summer, I will have time to post everything I have been doing again.

Camp was definitely an experience I will never forget. It was two weeks of busting my butt and seeing how differently people react as adults as oppose to children. We had the pleasure of serving both an adult group and a children’s school group while I was away. I was thoroughly shocked at the difference of behaviour in the two groups and how much of a constrast it was to serve.

I had fully expected the adult group to act in a mature, polite, pleasant fashion while the children’s group to be reminded of their pleases and thank yous. Not the case.

Thought the adult group was not 100% bad, we had some really nice ladies in there, the adult ladies group turned out to be very vicious and condescending. While serving this group of women, I swear some of them must have grown up without learning their manners! Some of these women were just out right rude. There was a lot of rolling of the eyes, pouting when they weren’t allowed to eat off the specialty diet menu, and all around snarky comments to the staff. Wow, you would think that middle aged women would be a little more educated and mature in how they conducted themselves but no! It took multiple warnings from the camp directors for them to realize they were in the wrong and should not be talking to staff in that manner.

Meanwhile, we had a group at the second camp I ended up working at from a Montessori school. My goodness, even their least behaved child knew to say please and thank you. They were happy and always excited to eat. We had a few specialty diet kids that we happily accomodated because they were just so gracious for us even going out of our way to create these meals specially for them.

It makes me wonder sometimes, how much can we learn from children? How much of what we learn as children are forgotten as we grow older and feel more entitled to things? Should we not as adults live as we say? I think we really need to look within ourselves especially when we are teaching the next generation and realize that do as we say not as we do is just not right and sometimes if we do  as we say, it would be a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved!


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