Sunshine, Flowers, and Sweets

Published May 27, 2012 by cookinggamer

This past few days I have been in London, Ontario to spend time with my beautiful bride to be friend getting ready for her bridal shower. Wow, the amount of work that goes into one of these things is insane! I got super lucky. I am one of the friend bridesmaids so I volunteered to just do the favours as everyone else graciously got everything else covered. I had this idea I thought was super simple and but the idea in my head was still stunning. Wow was I wrong! Though the end result was as awesome as I wanted them to be, the amount of work to pull off this feat was much more than I anticipated! I was lucky enough to have enlisted the help of one of the other bridesmaids and the bride’s sister in law to help me out.

The idea was to make sunflower chocolate pops :


They turned out fabulous! 😀 I was so excited because it was the first time I had attempted chocolate molding ever! The sunflowers are going to the in bouquets for everyone in the bridal party because it’s a fall-ish wedding. I thought it would be a fun idea to just have that as a central idea for the wedding.

Then we baked up some delicious devils food cupcakes that we put into plastic cups and then covered them green food coloured cream cheese icing piped with the grass tip. Wanted to make them look like they were just a little potted plant. The result?

I loved the result! I really think I should go into party planning 😀

Tomorrow I will post the cookie packets and the recipe for the yummy sugar cookies 😀


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